Patients Bill of Rights

Patient Bill of Rights

1. Choice of Providers: You have the right to accurate and easily understood information about the laws and local regulations regarding your dispensary options.
2. Quality: You have the right to quality medicine, handled with the utmost care and concern for purity, consistency and potency through every stage of production from seed to sale.
3. Accuracy: You have a right to accurately labeled and weighed medication. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices on product weighing accuracy with a goal of +/- 0.02g per unit. You have a right to weigh your medication at the
point of sale to confirm accuracy. If you waive this right, you waive your right to reconciliation.
4. Safety: You have the right to obtain your medication in a safe and friendly environment.
5. Respect and Non-Discrimination: You have the right to considerate, respectful, and non-discriminatory care.
6. Confidentiality of Health Information: You have the right to talk in confidence with your providers and to have your
health care information protected under all appropriate safety provisions.